Ep 52: Jason Phillips- Overcoming an Eating Disorder and Changing the Game of Nutrition

With so much information out there these days, its almost impossible to know how you should REALLY be eating, isn’t it?

Paleo? Keto? Atkins? Just fit my macros? Or should I just NOT eat?

All this information kind of makes you not want to eat. And thats exactly what happened to this weeks guest, Jason Phillips.

Jason is the CEO and Founder of iN3 Nutrition and he is on a mission to change the game of Nutrition.

Instead of trying to preach a specific tactic, hes helping the educators of the world learn how to ACTUALLY work with each individual and discover their needs.

I’m convinced that through the passion and knowledge you hear, you’ll be convinced that he WILL change the game too!

-How stress plays a role in your results
-Dealing with disorders like anorexia
-Why you should stop looking for a specific tactic to achieve results
-The importance of self-awareness

More from Jason:


Nutritional Coaching Institute 

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