Ep 38: Amanda Meixner- How to Become a Meal Prep Pro and Seeing the Bright Side of Life

The biggest easy win I could give you for your diet would be to meal prep. Its the absolute best way to save time, money, and your sanity!

This weeks guest, Amanda Meixner(@meowmeix), is the QUEEN of meal prep and she talks all about how to become a pro at it!

Amanda is a food blogger with over 500k followers and also one of the funniest people I know!

It will be impossible to listen to this without having a smile on your face!

-How to get started meal prepping
-Why a “treat meal” could actually be beneficial
-The benefits of finding a meditation pracice
-The difference between “free- range” and “pasture raised” eggs
-How to be positive in any situation

More from Amanda:


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