Ep 36: Carter Good – Sustainable Weight Loss and Reaching Your Fitness Goals Without Being #fitlife

Ever thought about whats going to happen when you reach your weight loss goal?

Do you just…. keep going?
Do you get to go back to eating all the stuff you were eating before?

Or what about going to the gym? What if you don’t LOVE it? Do you just not get to be healthy?

We talk all about this, the struggles of reaching your weight loss goal and what the successful next steps are with this weeks guest, Carter Good!

Carter Good is an online Weight Loss Coach who also happens to have over 350k followers on IG. I believe hes the creator of the “infogrpahic” post and has been consistently adding value in that form for over a year now!

In this episode we discuss:
-The struggles of reaching your weight loss goal and not knowing whats next
-Finding a healthy balance in your life
-Why tracking your food could be the most beneficial thing you do in your life
-Working out without being obsessed with working out

More from Carter:


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