Ep 43: Why Motivation Is Not Your Issue

“I just struggle to stay motivated.” I want you to know… SO DO WE ALL. I’d be lying in your face if I told you I was running off pure motivation every single day of my life. I knew from the beginning that would never be sustainable, so my goal has always been figuring out … Continued

Ep 41: What Are You Waiting For?

Two of the most common phrases I hear these days are “I’ll get started in a few months” OR “I would get started BUT xxxx”. My question today is, what are you waiting for? If you’re not growing, you’re dying. There is no pause button. If you are trending in the wrong direction, you’re going … Continued

Ep 35: How To Get Over Your Fear of Failure

It’s not fast food, your job, your boss, or society thats holding you back from being healthy… Its your fear of failing. Deep down… thats truly what it is. I know because I’ve dealt with it! Literally, Easy Wins was created to out of fear. But thats because I don’t think you should have to … Continued