Meet Mitch

I'm Mitch Harb and I want to help you live a healthier life because YOU deserve it.

YOU deserve to feel more confident in yourself, YOU deserve to have more energy, and YOU deserve to live a life you’re happy with!

Being healthy is something I’m truly passionate about because I know it is the key to success and happiness.

And I KNOW it’s so much simpler than most people make it out to be.

I spent most of my life eating unhealthy and not exercising the right way.  Eventually, this caught up to me and led me into a state of disappointment with a severe lack of motivation.

Not being very prone to change, I knew I didn’t want to make any drastic moves towards being healthy.  So, I thought “whats the easiest thing I can do today to be healthier?” “What is something simple that I know I can do consistently?”

And that is where Easy Wins was born.

I started focusing on small wins I could get on a daily basis to be healthier.  Not only did this make me feel better but it gave me the confidence boost I needed to keep going.

With over a third of America being considered “obese”, I felt I had no choice but to share this with the world.

So many people think being in shape takes all this fancy equipment, sacrifice and time. I wanted to show you how you can be healthy and also enjoy life!

A healthy LIFE is something I want for all of you guys and I know we can all achieve it.

If you’re serious about making a lasting change with your health, I encourage you to apply for my program below.  

Ready to make a change?

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