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The Easy Wins Way to a Healthy LIFE

Ever wonder why after your mid-20’s your body just kind of started to go down hill?

I know your story.

Year after year goes by and eventually you can’t stand the way you look.  So, you decide “it’s time to go on a diet and get back in the gym.”

A week goes by and you’re feeling good, sticking to the diet and wow, you actually made it to the gym a couple times!

Then something comes up andddd the diet has to go out the window for a few days.  Next thing you know, you’re back in your old routine.  “If I’m not eating good anymore, why bother with the gym?”

This sound familiar?  This is exactly why diets and extreme workouts don’t work.


Here’s what I mean: studies show 97% of all people who start a strict exercise and diet program and actually lose weight will gain everything back within 18 months. And in 2/3rds of those cases they’ll gain back even more.

And that doesn’t even count the people who have trouble getting started in the first place.

In what world is a 97% failure rate a good thing?

Knowing this, and being in that 97% myself, I realized I needed to do something totally different. So, I started studying the 3% who actually succeeded in losing weight and permanently keeping it off. What I found was that almost none of them were on a strict diet or doing any crazy  workouts at all. They weren’t living the ‘pain and gain’ life every guru preaches.

They were implementing what I call “Easy Wins”.

They just found a few simple habits that, with 20% of the effort, produce 80% of the results.

So there was no drastic lifestyle change, no suffering, and no self-torture.

And since I’ve implemented those same Easy Wins, I’ve found out that getting to (and holding onto) your perfect weight isn’t as complicated as all the hardcore fitness gurus and nutrition nazis make it seem.

If you’re serious about making a lasting change with your health, I encourage you to apply for my program below.  

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What others are saying

Mitch's course has motivated me to take accountability of my health and proved to me that it really isn't as difficult as I thought! I love Mitch's energy and how he keeps me accountable.

—Alex Zerbach

His courage and fearless attitude showed me that I too can step out of the box and accomplish goals that I didn't know I was ready to accomplish. Also, during the Easy Wins Challenge, he helped me stay motivated because I knew each morning I was going to see a Snapchat or Instagram story about the days challenge and from then on the clock kept ticking until I completed the challenge.

—Jill Prince
Blogs @ Jillian Lee Lifestyle